BS, Grand Valley State University, 1992
JD, Thomas M. Cooley Law School, 2008 

Mr. Keenan practices in the areas of employment law, business law, wills, trusts & estate planning, civil litigation and criminal defense. He litigates and advocates on behalf of individuals and businesses in these areas in arbitrations, mediations, case evaluation panels, state courts and administrative agencies.

Mr. Keenan has successfully assisted clients in federal civil rights discrimination claims, disability and Family Medical Leave Act compliance issues and Fair Labor Standards Act violations. Mr. Keenan works with federal and postal employees with their federal EEO claims, MSPB claims and Office of Federal Workers' Compensation (OWCP) claims under FECA.

In the area of business law, Mr. Keenan assists individuals and employers with severance agreements, noncompete clauses, operating agreements, LLC and corporate formation and start up issues, and unemployment claims. He works with businesses and individuals to resolve collection issues using every available option up to and including litigation when absolutely necessary. Mr. Keenan's 13 years of manufacturing management experience in West Michigan, combined with his litigation experience, has given him a unique perspective to help find solutions for his clients' problems.

As an estate planner, Mr. Keenan meets with his clients to determine the proper plan to cover their needs. This includes preparing wills, trusts, power of attorney documents, patient advocate designations, appointment of agents, and petitioning the courts for guardianship of developmentally disabled individuals to help preserve their standard of living. As no two clients are the same, Mr. Keenan works with his clients to plan for their individual family needs and concerns versus taking a cookie-cutter approach to estate planning.

Part of Mr. Keenan's practice involves advocating for the rights of those clients accused of misdemeanor criminal offenses including Michigan license and driving violations, simple assault, retail fraud, and driving under the influence. In addition, he has successfully worked with the officers of the Family Division courts of Kent and Ottawa Counties to protect the rights and reputations of clients who are juveniles. Mr. Keenan has successfully worked with clients to expunge criminal records in several West Michigan counties.

Mr. Keenan is a member of the Christian Legal Society and has negotiated a publishing contract for a local Christian author's first book. He and his family love camping and a variety of outdoor activities. They are avid supporters of the Grand Rapids Ballet, Opera, Symphony, and Civic Theatre. Mr. Keenan serves as general counsel for Jenison Bible Church, where he is an active member.