If you want a simple will prepared, or if you need a more complicated estate plan developed to minimize income, estate, and gift taxes, Wheeler Upham’s estate planning attorneys can help you. We start by finding out as much as we can about you and your family and financial circumstances. We then explain to you the legal rules that apply to your circumstances and recommend the documents and procedures that will help you provide for your loved ones and your property during your lifetime as well as after you are gone. We'll prepare wills, trust agreements, durable powers of attorney, and patient advocate designations to help with health care decisions; more importantly, we'll make sure you understand what those documents mean and how to use them. If you have family members with special needs, a Wheeler Upham attorney will be able to assist you with setting up and maintaining a guardianship or a conservatorship or preparing and administering a trust to manage assets without court involvement. If you have a family business, our estate planning attorneys can help you with succession planning for that business. We also have extensive expertise and experience in the administration of estates and trusts, with and without probate proceedings.

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Kenneth E. Tiews
Michael J. TerBeek