The will is a well-established type of legal document with a long history. According to the historian Plutarch, writing in the first century A.D., the concept of a written will to dispose of a person’s assets upon death was invented by the ancient Athenian statesman and lawmaker Solon, circa 600 BCE. The designation of documents as “Last Will and Testament” goes back to formative years of the English common law after the Norman conquest in the 11th century.
Today, wills are still basic elements of any estate plan. They control the distribution of your assets to the persons of your choosing. They can be a vehicle for charitable giving, or set up a testamentary trust for minor children and others. Critically, the proper and effective designation of guardians for your minor children can only be done with a formally executed will. If you would like to learn more, please contact one of our experienced estate planning attorneys.

Michael J. TerBeek
Barbara J. Kennedy