Proclamation from Attorneys General Cox, Granholm andKelley

We, the undersigned Attorneys General of Michigan, representing the last five decades of the history of this office, join together today to recognize the law firm of Wheeler Upham, P.C. On the occasion of the 125th anniversary of the founding of this great legal institution, we are extremely grateful for the contributions of Wheeler Upham attorneys have made to our profession and are hopeful for their continued contributions in the years to come.

We are impressed by the outstanding achievements that generations of Wheeler Upham attorneys have recorded. What is even more noteworthy, we believe, are the many examples of leadership positions members of this firm have held. It is obvious that public service is a central value in the heritage of Wheeler Upham, as evidenced by the seven presidents of the Grand Rapids Bar Association the firm has been represented by over the years. Numerous judges have come from Wheeler Upham, as has a president of the State Bar of Michigan. Examples of the firm's leadership in Grand Rapids area philanthropies, local elected boards, and religious congregations are too numerous and great to chronicle in a letter.

We are among the countless Michigan attorneys that honor the legacy of the founders of Wheeler Upham's ancestor law firm, Fletcher & Wanty. Niram Fletcher and George Wanty were remarkable champions of the law and were men who dedicated their lives to justice. While the name of their law firm has changed over 125 years, the bedrock values of it have remained the same. Each day, important legal work is done by talented attorneys that carry out the firm's philosophies into the 21st Century - and the citizens of Michigan are better off because of their service.

On this day, let us join in celebrating 125 years of Wheeler Upham - an indispensible figure in Michigan's legal history. May pride in your accomplishments and renewed commitment to outstanding legal service highlight this important milestone.